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11 Unit, 6the floor , Jalal Ale Ahmad High Way, Tehran , Iran

+98-21 8838 4292




Mission Statement

We understand our clients' needs and we are determined to provide low cost solutions, flexible and personalized service to all our clients

Business and Aim

Our aim is to obtain products with the highest quality and provide them to our clients in the shortest possible time and at a competitive price.

Corporate Objective

We are determined to enter the new world market and fulfill the needs and requirements of our clients as well as manage their expectations.

Our Prestige News Letter

Make Petrobourse in Telegram your one stop source for news, information and events in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry in for Iran market.


11 Unit, 6th floor , Jalal Ale Ahmad High Way, Tehran , Iran

by phone: +98-21 8838 4292

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