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11 Unit, 6the floor , Jalal Ale Ahmad High Way, Tehran , Iran

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Fuel Oil (Mazut)

Fuel Oil (MAZUT)

Mazut Mainly, fuel oil is defined as any liquid that is burned in furnaces, boilers or used in a power generation engines. Fuel oil is obtained from distilled crude oil having a flash-point of approximately 40 ° C. According to this definition, diesel is a type of fuel oil. Fuel oil is composed of long hydrocarbon chains, particularly alkanes, cycloalkanes and aromatics and placed in the classification of heavy industrial fuels, heavier than gas-oil and Naphtha.

In Iran there are two kinds of Mazut CST 280 and CST 380

  • Mazut
    Mazut 280 Mazut 380 Specification
    0.97 0.99 Density @ 15 ° C (max) kg /L
    280 380 Viscosity kinematic @ 50 ° C (max) mm2/s
    24 32 Pour point (max)
    65 65 Flash point (min) ° C
    3.5 3.5 SulphurTotal max)%mass
    15 20 Carbon Residue Conradson (max)%mass
    0.15 0.15 Ash (max) %mass
    1 1 Water & sediment (max) % vol

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11 Unit, 6th floor , Jalal Ale Ahmad High Way, Tehran , Iran

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