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11 Unit, 6the floor , Jalal Ale Ahmad High Way, Tehran , Iran

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Process by which compressed air is blown into vacuum bottom residue, typically at 230-260 C in a reactor. This process results in complex reactions (Such as dehydrogenation, polymerization, Oxidation) different grades for suited applications produced due to ratio of air blowing. 90 percent of the bitumen is used in the construction and maintenance of roads and the remaining 10 percent is used in the roofing and other (canals tunnels, pipe coating). Various types bitumen are as follows:

Petroleum Bitumen: Mixture of hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. Black or brown it varies from viscous to solid, producing by air blowing process vacuum bottom (crude oil derivaties)

Coal Tar: Coal tar is a black or dark brown a residue produced by the heat treatment of coal. It is solid at room temperature.

Natural Bitumen: This bitumen is extracted from mines, which are used in many industries, including road construction, the paint industry, polish and insulation of tanks, tubes and molding.

Although we have a lot of producers of bitumen but the two main refineries are Pasargad and Jay

  • Bitumen Specification
    Methodology 30-40 40-50 60-70 85-100 100-120 TEST
    ASTM D-7 1/01-1/06 1/01-1/06 1/01-1/06 1-1/05 1/01-1/04 Density
    ASTM D-5 30-40 40-50 60-70 85-100 100-120 Penetration Rate at 25°C
    ASTM D-36 55-63 52-60 49-56 45-52 42-49 Softening Point°C
    ASTM D-113 100 Min 100 Min 100 Min 100 Min 100 Min Ductility at 25°C(cm)
    ASTM D-92 250 Min 250 Min 250 Min 250 Min 250 Min Flash Point°C
    ASTM D-4 99/5 99/5 99/5 99/5 99/5 Solubility in Disulfide %wt.
    AASHTO T 102 Negative Negative Negative Negative Negative Stain Test
    ASTM D-6 0/2 Max 0/2 Max 0/2 Max 0/2 Max 0/2 Max Weight Loss By Heating %wt.
    ASTM D-6-D-5 20 Max 20 Max 20 Max 20 Max 20 Max Penetration Loss by Heating %

  • Packing is in bulk, drums (150, 180 and 220 kgs with 6 Mil. Thickness) and bitubags and measured by Metric Tons

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  • Loading places for shipment via sea are Bandar Abbas in bulk and drums in container & via land are Tabriz, Arak, Isfahan, Qom and Tehran normally ex-work refinery for bulk in bitumen trucks and drums, bitubags in container





11 Unit, 6th floor , Jalal Ale Ahmad High Way, Tehran , Iran

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