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PVC… (Polyvinyl chloride)


Commonly abbreviated PVC, is the third-most widely produced synthetic plasticpolymer, after polyethylene and polypropylene.PVC comes in two basic forms: rigid (sometimes abbreviated as RPVC) and flexible.



Polyvinyl chloride is produced by polymerization of the vinyl chloridemonomer.About 80% of production involves suspension polymerization. Emulsion polymerization accounts for about 12% and bulk polymerization accounts for 8%. Suspension polymerizations affords particles with average diameters of 100–180 μm, whereas emulsion polymerization gives much smaller particles of average size around 0.2 μm. VCM and water are introduced into the reactor and a polymerization initiator, along with other additives.



Tin based stabilizers are mainly used in Europe for rigid, transparent applications due to the high temperature processing conditions used. The situation in North America is different where tin systems are used for almost all rigid PVC applications. Tin stabilizers can be divided into two main groups, the first group containing those with tin-oxygen bonds and the second group with tin-sulphur bonds. According to the European Stabiliser producers[12] most organotin stabilisers have already been successfully REACH registered. More chemical and use information is also available on this site. Flexible PVC coated wire and cable for electrical use has traditionally been stabilised with lead but these are being replaced, as in the rigid area, with calcium based systems.


Grade Typical Application Data Sheet
65 Extrusion of flexible sections and hoses Calendaring Download


Grade Typical Application Data Sheet
67 rigid pipes (pressure and non-pressure) • rigid profiles • Corrugated tubes and conduits Download


Grade Typical Application Data Sheet
70 for low Fish-Eye applications, food contact applications or rotomoulding Download




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